How can I keep track of files sent to the company?

You do not need external memories or save any attachment on your PC by slowing it down; Hoplite Regula offers you a simple and secure way to exchange data with colleagues or customers, without giving way to external access to files.

How can I manage data within a workgroup?

With our Hoplite Regula platform it is easy to exchange data within a workgroup, you just need to create the project, enable the people who will be part of it!

How can I find e-mails exchanged with customers?

Hoplite Regula keeps track of every email, file or data that you can exchange with clients, colleagues and consultants.

How can I create a personal calendar of events?

Hoplite Regula has been designed to simplify and encompass multiple functions in one software, including the calendar of events, without having to force you to use other systems that could waste precious time.

Is there an automatic way to archive data?

With Hoplite Regula it is quick and easy to automatically archive your data, you no longer need to save all your work on an external memory, Hoplite Regula will take care of you.

Is there a way to find information exchanged with customers even if they are not in the office?

Hoplite Regula is the platform that allows you at any time and wherever you can access your data, you will not be tied to a place or a PC, you will be free to work wherever you want.

How can I manage a site?

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, Hoplite Regula is able to support you in your projects. Do you want to open a site? We give you the opportunity and the tool to manage customer data or schedule events in a secure way.


How can I watch a house?

In a simple and safe way, thanks to Hoplite Nexus you will feel protected and you will be able to monitor your home even when you are not with sensors that will be your eyes.

How can I see who approaches the gate at home?

Hoplite Nexus offers a simple solution to this problem: the motion sensors installed inside it will let you know, with notifications, who is approaching your property.

Is it possible to have notifications on the mobile phone of those approaching home?

It is possible with Hoplite Nexus, when it detects something outside the daily tranquility, it sends you a notification through notifications. You will always be able to feel safe in your home, whether you are present or in another place.

Is it possible to record videos?

Hoplite Nexus offers its customers the ability to detect videos in live mode or if necessary to register them.

How can I check the safety of my company?

In a simple and safe way thanks to Hoplite Nexus that can control the perimeter of your company and its interior in an efficient way.

Is it possible to install a motion sensor at home?

A motion sensor can be installed at home thanks to Hoplite Nexus, our program to monitor spaces and environments.

How can I control accesses in a parking lot?

By installing Hoplite Nexus you have the ability to control all customer accesses in a parking lot through sensors and cameras capable of detecting every entry and exit.

How can I check a senior at home?

If the person dear to you wants to keep his independence but you are not comfortable because you are not close to her, no problem, thanks to Hoplite Nexus you can be sure!

How can I control the temperature at home?

Hoplite Nexus can be your “goalkeeper” of confidence and warm up your environment making you feel warm and comfortable.

How can I maintain and adjust the temperature of my pool?

If you need to monitor and maintain the temperature of your outdoor pool, Hoplite Nexus can solve this difficulty.

How can I control the lights?

If you do not want to always leave the lights on at home, Hoplite Nexus can be your solution.


How can I find or detect the causes of product non-compliance in the pharmaceutical field?

The SANIST platform can compare the profiles of non-compliant products with other compliant ones and highlight the differences.

How can I evaluate the stability of compounds?

By comparing time compound analyzes through the SANIST platform.

How can I evaluate the degradation pathways of molecules?

Using the specific databases that can be connected to the SANIST platform.

Which tool can I use to identify hemoglobin mutations?

The SANISTDB application allows to detect mutations by performing comparisons between the triptic digests of the mutated hemoglobin and the standard one.

How can I analyze the molecular profile of the breath?

Using the SANIST platform connected to the innovative BACT patent for the collection and storage of breathing.

Which tool can I use to discover new molecular biomarkers predictive of rare diseases?

The innovative SANISTDB application allows to do this by comparing by aligning and comparing the signals of hundreds of thousands of molecules.

Which tool can be used to verify the presence of intestinal dysbiosis?

The SANISTDB application allows detection of bacterial toxins that can be associated with intestinal dysbiosis.

Which tool can I use for the amount of intestinal dysbiosis?

Toxin databases that can be linked to the results provided by the SANIST platform.

What is the difference between personalized medicine and precision medicine?

Personalized medicine deals with the study of molecular biochemical mechanisms, mainly for preventive purposes. Precision is aimed at improving the therapeutic protocols already used in official clinical practice. The SANIST platform is able to manage both.

What can be the tools necessary to work in personalized medicine?

Analytical tools for the detection of diseases and biochemical mechanisms associated with them and bioinformatics tools to perform a targeted and effective prevention of degenerative diseases. SANIST provides the technology to facilitate this result.

What tools can be used in precision medicine?

Analytical tools for the detection of diseases and biochemical mechanisms associated with them and bioinformatics tools to support the definition and composition of effective therapeutic protocols. SANIST provides the technology to facilitate this result.

How can I predict oxidative stress?

With the innovative Oxidative Stress application developed by ISB for the SANIST platform.

How can I identify the compounds to be controlled in the marketing of electronic cigarette liquids?

Through the targeted MS / MS analysis performed with the innovative SANIST SVAPO platform.

What tools to use to analyze food in the foodomics sector?

SANISTDB and SANISTDS applications allow to obtain targeted molecular profiles in the foodomics sector.

What tools can I use to analyze cosmetics?

SANISTDB and SANISTDS applications allow to obtain targeted molecular profiles in the cosmetic sector.